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This is an ethical jewelry designed in Modern Ethical Jewelry San Francisco, originating in Africa, and handmade in Kenya. The production process is all done in Kenya, with the aim of improving the living standards of local women, and only sustainable and natural materials are used. The designs are both modern yet ageless and dignified, and there are jewelries that make you want to wear as an accent for styling every day.


This is a ring with a horn set in brass. It’s design is sharp, simple, and chic, which has been created by cutting straight the fitting part. The width of the ring is of a decent volume, so it is also possible to wear three at once: the black-dyed horn, white horn, and the marble-pattern horn. We have used recycled brass and horn of ethical source, and it has been made, with traditional skills, by the hands of Kenyan craftsmen.

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Horn Ring



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We aim to reduce the use of goods disposable and made of plastic materials.
As our standard wapping for gift, we deliver our products by using dust bag with our logo, made of breathable cotton. We hope you to use this bag for storing your precious leather goods for a long time after purchase.

For a special gift, we can offer a paid gift box (Original Box Petit). It has chocolate brown color with oursheep logo, and is presented with a satin ribbon.

Please note that we do not provide a paper bag except special request. If you would like one, please leave a note as remarkes when ordering. We send you a simple paper bag made of 100% recycled paper without Poly-Propylene film.

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