Our leather

Our Leather

Our Leather

An extreme leather“Ethiopian sheepskin”

It is extremely soft and smooth and would not let your hand leave. Also surprisingly light and elastic.

Yet, it can hardly tear.

The Ethiopian sheepskin, our main material, is called the world finest leather. The sheep living on the plateau of Ethiopia can only have that skin and it is regarded as a rare material in the world. Luxury brands apply them to their high-end products.

Among various types of leather in the world, why Ethiopian sheepskin is called the greatest?Here are the reasons.

The one and only feel in the world
Most of the customers who visit our store and touch our products for the first time are surprised. It is because the fineness and the moistness are totally new to them. We have been receiving reputations like “It is as smooth as baby’s cheeks!”, “I thought the leather is hard and dry but it was all wrong.”, “I want to keep touching this forever!”.

The elastic leather
The individual fibres of Ethiopian sheepskin are thick and very elastic and makes products very durable. That elastic allows Ethiopian sheepskin to stretch more than general leathers. These features result in the jacket which is comfortable and easy to move and in the bag which would not lose its shape even you use it for a long time and fit you very well.

The extreme durability
One of the main features of Ethiopian sheepskin is its amazing durability. Even if you skive the leather to 0.35mm(thinness that general leather never has), and apply heavy force, it will neither tear nor leave any damages. As a result, the Ethiopian sheepskin is applied to the golf gloves which famous players use, high-end sports equipment and so on.

What is the secret of the quality The Ethiopian sheepskin that andu amet use

The breed of sheep
It is said that there are more than 1000 kinds of the breed of sheep on this planet. However, Selassie Sheep which inhabits only the Ethiopian plateau has a fame of its high quality skin.

The elevation and the latitude
It is known globally that the quality of animal skin is high if they inhabit the belt zone of 10 degrees north and south and also a high elevation. The extreme temperature difference makes each skin fibre thick and durable yet the surface of leather becomes smooth when tanning. The location of the Ethiopian plateau is 10 degrees north latitude, around 3000 meters above sea level and perfectly fulfilled the conditions.

”The tanning” enhances the true beauty of the true leather
We do not just use Ethiopian sheepskin, we also pay careful attention to select the best quality of it. Also, we are particular about the tanning method that brings out the original charm of leather, which is allowed only for the finest leather, such as "raising" and "aniline finish".

The andu amet design that makes full use of such characteristics

a squishy shape with a smooth feel

"Hug Collection" featuring a rounded design. A luxurious construction that uses leather more than it looks. It can not be realized with heavy and thick materials like a cowhide as it will be too heavy. Only the light and thin Ethiopian sheepskin can realise the design.

The thinness and lightness

In cowhide, which is originally hard and thick. The leather is thinly cut to make it thinner and lighter, but cuts the fibres and reduces the strength at the same time. Since the leather of andu amet is much thinner and durable by nature, we have products called “Airy” and “Shopping” which are designed by using a single piece of leather. We are proud that the strength is firmly maintained.

Pink of “Bloom”, and blue of “Nile Breeze”... the colour is a feature of andu amet. It is hard to find bags like ours in Japan. Ethiopian sheepskin can only realise the gorgeousness which no one can resist and the dignity and high quality at the same time. It never happens with leather of other qualities, even if they have the exact same colour.

We would like our possible customers to experience this wonderful leather directly before buying,so we have started a free leather sample posting service. Please take it and experience the magnificence by your hands.
Billing from here >If you would like to have the leather sample, the price is free, but please note that we ask you to bear the shipping fee.