About payment

Please check each product’s page.

Necessary charges other than product price
Postage, and bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.
However, for purchase over 30 thousand yen including tax, postage will be free.

Form of payment
We accept the following forms of payment:
- Bank transfer

Deadline of payment
For payment by credit card, payment will be done when ordering. The billing date is different depending on each card company. For “pre-sale”, for which the product will arrive more than a month later, please note that the withdrawal may be before the product arrives.
For bank payment, the order will be automatically cancelled when it is not payed within 7 days after order.

About shipment

Postage is free for purchases over 30 thousand yen including tax.

Ordinary products
It will be sent by Yamato courier service. The postage is 1650 yen (including tax) to Okinawa, and 715 yen (including tax) for other regions. Postage will be free from purchase over 30 thousand yen including tax.

Leather samples, smile mask
Japan Post(mail) will be used for requests or purchases of the above two items. Postage is free for leather samples, and the postage for “smile mask 1 for 3” is 275 yen (including tax) for all regions and will be sent to your post.

Delivery time and method
For regular products, they will be shipped by Kuroneko Yamato courier service within 5 business days after order confirmation. For bank transfer, they will be shipped within 5 business days after checking the transfer is confirmed.
Leather samples and smile masks will be mailed by Japan Post, and therefore may take 7-10 days to deliver.

About returns

On occasions of early failure or misdelivery
We inspect and ship the products with utmost caution, but if there is early failure or misdelivery, we will change to new items if there is stock of the same product. If there is no stock, we will refund after checking the item returned.
Please contact <> within 7 days from the arrival of the product, with ➀ and ➁.
We will bear the repair and shipping expenses (your house⇔our store).
However, highly-selected natural leather is used in andu amet’s products. Please not that there may be uneven colour or little scars, or the colour may fade, but they are due to the qualities of natural leather and not ill-conditioned.

On occasions of return due to customer’s personal preference
For cancellation due to the difference in the customer’s expectations and the product, or customer’s personal preference, we ask to pay the postage (your house→the store). Please contact <> and return within 7 days from the product arrival.

Examples where we cannot accept product return:
- If it is used
- If it is a pre-order item, an ordered product, or order made
- If the customer has damaged the product
- If the stain, scar, or odor has emerged under the customer’s care
- If the product (including the box and accessories) returned to us differs greatly to the initial state

Return deadline
It is set within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product.

Return address
Aoyama building 1F, 4-16-12 Jingûmae, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo
andu amet Ltd. Return section

Return postage
On occasions of early failure and misdelivery, we will bear the expense.
On other occasions, we ask customers to pay the postage. If it had been returned as bill recipient, we will refund the amount with the return postage subtracted.

About repairs

andu amet’s lifetime guarantee system
Daily care is vital for leather products. However, while using for a long time, there may be stains that are difficult to remove by yourself, or frays.
If those things happen, before buying another new product, please try repair or maintenance by professionals.
Having the customers use our products for a long period of time with love, rather than having them buy new products and increase sales, brings us much more happiness for us. We promise that we will respond with sincerity until the very last moment when the product reaches the end of its life and is genuinely impossible to use for any longer.
(However, please note that for certain states of the products, it may be difficult to repair.)

The same day to 3 months depending on what and where.

The repair or exchange is free if it is due to manufacturing defects. For aged deterioration or other cases, we will repair at a reasonable price.
The actual cost of the shipping fee (your house⇔our store) of the product will be the responsibility of our customers.

How to ask
Please send ➀ and ➁ to
<>. The person in charge will reply within 1 day.
We will start the work after we have noted the estimated period and fee needed beforehand, and have received an acception.
However, there is no need to contact beforehand when you bring the product directly to the store.

Company profile

andu amet Ltd.

Representative responsible person
Representative Director Hiroko Samejima

〒150-0001 Aoyama building 1F, 4-16-12 Jingûmae, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo

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