Check out these Business Items for the beginning of the season!

The season of beginnings. 

The first task is to create a space where you can bring out your best performance.

It is a season of mixed expectations and nervousness. With a new workplace and a new position, each of us faces a new year ahead.

In the business scene where high-tech tools are essential, the charm that analog has stands out. Let's get through this year while being soothed by the unique texture, gloss, and feel of the real thing.

First, check the array of your desk

1. Shubu-Shubu Clutch 

A PC case made from discarded, non-standard leather wrinkles. Choose items that consider both design and social and environmental factors to set yourself apart from your competitors!

2. Across Pen Case 

While it's easy to take quick notes with a smartphone nowadays, there are ideas that come to life by touching pen and paper. With the feel of this pen case added, it's like having a secret weapon.

3. Comfy

A must-have for business trips, this smartphone pouch doubles as a passport-sized wallet, offering minimal specs with maximum potential.

4. Shubu-Shubu Versatile Pouch

This pouch neatly organizes the clutter of gadgets, a must-have item for a good businessperson. The high-quality leather texture and irregular tile pattern stimulate inspiration.

5. Business Card Case

Contrary to the general notion of being thin and compact, this card case exudes a soft texture. Its comfortable feel makes it an indispensable companion in an instant.

6. Relax

Instead of a stiff suit, opt for a jacket and pants style with a bag that adds a sense of ease. With high-quality sheepskin, even a tote bag doesn't look too casual.

Do the best work with best items!