We have obtained the ”B Corp™"certification!


We are pleased to announce that andu amet has obtained the international certification 'B Corp™,' recognizing our commitment to high social and environmental standards.

As the first Fair Trade brand in Japan to achieve this certification, and also the first domestic case of joint certification with a subsidiary in a developing country, this is a significant milestone. The certification is granted to companies that demonstrate activities based on various aspects such as social justice and environmental considerations, earning high evaluations. Though the official certification is in the name of our parent company in Japan, andu amet Co., Ltd., the evaluation process was conducted for both andu amet Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary in Ethiopia, atelier andu amet P.L.C., recognizing the social and environmental commitment of both entities.

'B Corp™' stands for B Benefit Corporation, and it is an international certification label given to companies that implement activities based on various aspects such as social justice and environmental considerations, earning high evaluations.

While only 32 companies in Japan have been certified, approximately 7,500 companies worldwide, including renowned names like Patagonia and Danone, have obtained this certification. Despite being considered a challenging certification, it has become one of the most noteworthy movements globally.

Since our founding in 2012, prior to the adoption of the SDGs at the UN Summit in 2015, andu amet has been committed to achieving a balance between 'ethical and luxury.' From planning, material sourcing, manufacturing to sales, we have consistently considered societal and environmental aspects in all processes. However, as we continued our business, we realized that sustainability has no endpoint and requires continuous efforts.

For example, it is not sufficient to just provide technical guidance and fair wages to African artisans starting from socially excluded and disadvantaged positions. To ensure they acquire basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills, we are establishing a system where they can continue their education while working. In a context where government or local municipality guarantee systems are not well-established, we are creating mechanisms that allow individuals to sustain their livelihood even if they are temporarily unable to commute due to illness, childbirth, or other reasons. Additionally, we are increasing our efforts by making changes such as transitioning to more environmentally friendly energy sources, eliminating plastic-derived materials from products and packaging, and addressing one issue at a time.

In the midst of these efforts, we encountered B Corp and decided to pursue certification as a guideline to further update our management sustainably.

The assessment was conducted for both the Japanese entity responsible for planning and sales and the Ethiopian entity responsible for production. This meant that the investigation, analysis, and documentation of evidence had to be carried out for both countries and entities. Challenges were present, such as the absence of common government or public agency-provided figures and reference data in Ethiopia. Due to these challenges, the process took a considerable time, spanning a period of two years.

However, by comprehensively analyzing the social impact of the entire value chain, from the Ethiopian workshop sourcing materials to the Japanese entity, and subsequently to the end customers of andu amet, we were able to demonstrate the consistency of our philosophy and management. This process has also made our future challenges and goals clear, resulting in a significant achievement.
The concept of B Corp, "Use business as a force for good," aligns perfectly with our original aspirations when we founded the company. Moving forward, we are committed not only to updating our own business practices but also to strengthening collaboration with stakeholders, including other companies and users. Through this, we aim to contribute to the realization of a more sustainable and harmonious future. We appreciate your ongoing support.

You can find more information about andu amet's sustainable initiatives here, and details about B Corp scores can be accessed here.