"Relax" Launch Thoughts - What We Really Think About are Quality Leather Goods


Today marks the launch of "Relax," a unisex tote bag from andu amet, marking our first new release in almost three years.

Building upon the playful spirit and luxurious comfort of our iconic Hug Collection, "Relax" features a simpler and more functional design, allowing the quality of the raw leather material to shine through.

Our hope is that adults facing the challenges of business and personal life alike will feel enveloped in relaxation the moment they hold this bag, thanks to its softness and comforting scent.


While andu amet has primarily focused on creating women's items, our intention has always been to produce pieces that we ourselves truly desire.

However, despite our plans to expand into men's products, the overwhelming response to our ethos of using only the finest leather, handcraftsmanship, and attention to detail has made new product development challenging.

Nonetheless, we are grateful for the numerous requests we've received for men's products, and we are thrilled to finally unveil "Relax."

From stitching to assembly, our skilled artisans here in Ethiopia meticulously craft each bag over time.

But truly outstanding leather goods don't end with a great design and expert craftsmanship.

Leather develops further beauty, depth, and character over 10, 20, or even more years of use and care. This means that users, alongside designers and leather artisans, are essential in creating remarkable products.

 As "Relax" joins the andu amet lineup, we hope it will be cherished and nurtured in your hands, evolving into a beautiful testament to your journey. With these sentiments in mind, we pour our hearts into crafting each product, every single day.

For more details on our new release "Relax," please visit here.