Simple Joys

"Relax" is a unisex line developed in response to the voices of male customers who have often expressed their desire for a bag with a design that incorporates ample use of Ethiopian sheepskin and is suitable for men.

While andu amet is known for its popular Hug series and Gift bags, primarily designed for women, the brand has actually garnered a significant following among men since its inception.

The luxurious feel of Ethiopian sheepskin, which is irresistibly smooth and fills one with a sense of happiness upon touch, appeals not only to women but also to men, especially those with a keen appreciation for leather.

"Relax" has been designed to cater to this demand from men. Unlike the more embellished Hug collection for women, it features a design that is subdued in decoration, with the use of sturdy cowhide leather for the handles to lend a more masculine touch.

This allows the bag to seamlessly integrate into a man's style while offering the indulgent sensation, aroma, and texture of sheepskin leather, generously used both on the exterior and interior.


Recently, a male customer who had previously purchased a Relax bag visited Gallery andu amet and shared his experience.

He expressed how, in the midst of his busy routine, he often finds solace in simply touching his bag. The softness and tactile pleasure of the leather never fail to provide a moment of comfort and relaxation.

His words underscore the essence of the name "Relax" – a bag that becomes an invaluable companion, offering a respite from the hectic pace of life and evoking feelings of contentment with its mere presence.