Customer Review: "Together Until I Become A Grandma"


The brand name "andu amet" is derived from the Ethiopian word meaning "one year." This name embodies two key sentiments of andu amet.

First, it reflects the desire to create products that grow more beautiful and meaningful with time, year after year. Unlike fast fashion items that quickly lose their value and are discarded, andu amet aims to craft products that remain with customers through both joyous and difficult times, aging gracefully like a beloved partner and eventually returning to the earth. To achieve this, andu amet uses high-quality leather luxuriously, emphasizing handcraftsmanship, and seeks original designs that are timeless and not swayed by trends.

Second, andu amet seeks to connect customers and artisans, creating a space where they can get to know each other over the years, fostering friendship and mutual respect. To realize this vision, andu amet has introduced stories of Ethiopia and our producers to people in Japan through various means. Additionally, we have asked customers to take some time to tell us their stories and relay this information to the producers.

Today, we would like to introduce an interview with one such customer, Ms. Nagano, who kindly shared her thoughts and experiences about andu amet.


-- Hello, Ms. Nagano. Thank you for sharing your time with us. Wow, you look wonderful today with your chic outfit paired with Hug Hug's Ethiopian Rose! Your bag also has a natural shine, and it's clear that you've been taking good care of it.

Nagano: Thank you very much. I usually wear subdued tones like black and beige, so Hug Hug adds a nice accent to my outfits, and I find it quite handy.


-- By the way, you told me before that you work as a nurse. I actually had a hospitalization experience a couple of years ago due to a significant injury, and during that time, I was deeply moved by the dedication and value of doctors and nurses. Where do you find the most satisfaction in your work?

Nagano: I initially got into this profession because my mother, who was a nurse, suggested that it might be a suitable career for me. I work on a surgical ward now.

The most satisfying aspect of this job for me is when patients recover and are discharged from the hospital or when they express their gratitude. Assisting patients and their families in living their lives to the fullest is a rewarding part of the job. While it can be challenging, being able to help overcome difficulties by applying our skills is gratifying.

-- Assisting patients in living their lives to the fullest—how wonderful! When I experienced a period of hospitalization due to an injury in the past, initially, I was filled with anxiety about the pain and the tasks related to recovery, but I remember that the warm support of the nurses helped me regain my confidence and peace of mind. Nurses play such an essential and admirable role in society. However, I know that nursing can be quite demanding, with night shifts and the emotional toll it can take. How do you recharge and refresh yourself?

Nagano: I enjoy staying active and traveling. I swim at the gym and love activities like diving and snowboarding while traveling. Recently, I went to Hokkaido. I find Baby Hug very convenient when traveling. It allows me to keep my valuables with me at all times separately from my larger luggage.




-- As you say, many of our travelers are fans of the Baby Hug wallet bag. Personally, I travel by plane quite often, and I use it to carry my cards, various currencies, passport, tickets, cellphone, pen, and more. It's so lightweight that I can keep it slung over my shoulder even while sleeping, and it can double as a party bag when needed for slightly more formal occasions.

Nagano: I also take it to weddings and parties. It seems to go well with formal black dresses.

-- Thank you. In what other situations do you find yourself using it?

Nagano: Rather than specific situations, what I love about andu amet is that I can use it without considering the occasion or my outfit. If I need to carry a lot of items, like for work, I use the Big Hug. On days off, like today, when I want to carry a little more than just my wallet, I often use the Hug Hug. I recently wore a yukata and used this Hug Hug. My friend complimented how well it matched with my yukata. Surprisingly, this red color goes with any type of clothing.

-- Wow, it seems you have been using it in various situations! What aspects of andu amet's products do you particularly like?

Nagano: I absolutely love the design. The striped pattern at the base of the handle is lovely. I first saw it on TV, and then I immediately went to the Roppongi pop-up store where I fell in love with it at first sight. I took the plunge and bought the Big Hug online in 2012, and I've been gradually adding more pieces since then. Another thing is the quality of the materials. Just touching it makes me genuinely happy, and with proper care, the leather can change its appearance and last for many years. I'm in my 30s now, but what really convinced me to make the purchase was the thought that I could still use it when I'm in my 40s, 50s, or even when I'm a grandmother, depending on the occasion.



-- The artisans in Ethiopia would be very delighted to hear that! To make sure you can continue to enjoy your items for a long time, andu amet also holds workshops where you can learn how to care for them. Thank you so much for your time today.