Parquetry and Mosaic Leather

"Mosaic Leather" is a beautiful pattern characterized by various vibrant stripes. It is an essential and original motif in andu amet's designs since the brand's inception.


For customers seeing our products for the first time, some may mistakenly believe that these striped patterns are printed. However, actually, each of these patterns is created by layering different colors of leather, one by one, by our skilled craftsmen.

Here, we use leather scraps born during the bag-making process. Unlike straight and large pieces of fabric, leather tends to produce scraps. While these leftover parts are normally discarded, we have found that by layering them multiple times and connecting the cut edges, they can be transformed into unique and beautiful decorative components with unmatched colors and patterns.

The process of cutting these very thin pieces of leather without warping or thickness variation requires a high level of craftsmanship, patience, and a delicate yet bold artistic sense.



By the way, did you know that this "Mosaic Leather" is inspired by the traditional Japanese craft technique called "Yosegi-zaiku"?

Yosegi-zaiku has been a representative Japanese craft for over 200 years, originating in the late Edo period in what is now Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Instead of dyeing, it uses the natural colors of various types of wood such as cherry and dogwood to create traditional Japanese patterns by skillfully combining them. The intricate patterns formed by the assembly of small wooden pieces are incredibly beautiful and breathtaking.

TEWAZA "Hakone Yosegi-zaiku"

We have great respect for the skills that Japanese people have developed and passed down through generations, and we aim to incorporate these techniques and designs into our products to preserve their beauty for future generations.

Regarding "Mosaic Leather," we have shared details about its color combinations and the stories behind its creation in our past blog posts, which you may find interesting to read when you have some time.