A Heartfelt Feeling to tell – 4 Items to Gift for Father's Day


Did you know what the third Sunday of June is every year? Yes, it's "Father's Day."

The origin of this commemoration is in America. Mrs. Dodd's father, after the death of her mother, single-handedly raised six children. He worked tirelessly every day to make ends meet, and after seeing all his children grow up, he sadly passed away due to overwork. The following year, on her father's birthday in June, Mrs. Dodd asked a pastor to hold a service, marking the beginning of Father's Day.

Similar to Mother's Day, Father's Day also began as a day of gratitude and respect for fathers who loved and raised their children after the death of the mother. Many of you may have experienced difficulties expressing your gratitude to your father, who always seemed busy with work and might have been more reserved than your mother. I was one of them. But ideally, it's essential to convey those feelings while we are all healthy. I recently realized this when my father suffered a severe injury.

So today, I'd like to introduce some items that could serve as a "starting point" for expressing your feelings to your father.

Love Letter

As the name suggests, it's a casual bag shaped like an envelope. It can be used to carry a laptop, tablet, documents, and more. Both the exterior and interior are made of high-quality leather, all meticulously hand-stitched by craftsmen. Conceal a real letter saying "Thank you always" inside the Love Letter, and it might bring even more joy. (Starting from ¥21,000)

Long Wallet 

For those who want only the best for something they use every day, consider andu amet's wallet. Its soft touch feels like it fits in the palm of your hand, and its color becomes richer with each use. The warmth unique to handmade items is also appealing. It's an item that conveys the sender's feelings every time it's used. (Starting from ¥31,000)

Business Card Case 

With its luxurious leather texture and sharp color, this cardholder will impress stylish clients. When sending it together with a wallet, it's recommended to choose contrasting colors deliberately. (¥14,000)

 Coin Case

Despite its small size, this intricately crafted coin case has been well received. Men who prefer subdued colors for their clothes and bags appreciate the craftsmanship, while those who like a splash of color enjoy the blue or orange hues. (¥5,500)


A backpack designed for adults that combines design and functionality. Its high-quality material makes it suitable for various styles, including smart casual, and its unisex design allows family members or partners to use it together. (¥120,000)


How was that?

I introduced several items today, but what fathers truly desire may not always be "things" but instead the words and feelings accompanying them. For those who purchase gifts for Father's Day, we'll include a message card as a gift.

We wish you all a wonderful Father's Day.