To Special Ones Leading Life Together


Hi, I'm Hikari, a staff member here. Since I've been fortunate enough to have a connection with andu amet, it's been already five years.

On a personal note, I recently got engaged. My partner surprised me with a ring, along with heartfelt words, on my birthday. I believe that that moment will remain an unforgettable memory etched in my mind.

Now, in return for the wonderful surprise my partner prepared, I've been thinking about what I can gift in return. I wanted something of high quality, long-lasting, and filled with a meaningful message and emotions.

After much contemplation, I chose the "Cocoon" backpack in Melty Chocolate from andu amet.

This backpack is made with luxurious Ethiopian sheepskin that feels amazing to touch. Its stylish design that omitted unnecessary embellishments, make it a perfect fit for an adult without any hint of childishness.

The reason I chose this gift this time is not only because of the excellence of this product but also because I resonated with the message embedded in the brand.

The brand name "andu amet" means "one year" in the language of Ethiopia, where the products are made. It signifies being together at both happy and sad times, and stacking up the years one by one. The brand aspires to create products that are like cherished partners, walking through the years with us. The name "andu amet" encapsulates this sentiment.

Because it's that one irreplaceable partner, I wanted to give something that becomes even dearer with as time passes. Along with this gift, I want to walk through the long journey of life together with him.

What about all of you? What would you give to your one-of-a-kind loved one?