Live your color!

Vivid red of flowers, Green of the endless meadow, Emerald green of the sea, White of the clouds covering the Blue sky, hair colour in the sun, Yellow-Blue of the mysterious bird feather...
This world is full of colours. Each one is different, yet when these meet each other, a new colour is born.
The magnificent scenery of nature in Africa always reminds us that it is the secret of the beauty of this world.
At the same time, it also reminds us that it is the same for us.
A race, a tribe, a gender, a religion, a body shape, a constitution, an intention…
Each to their own. That is why it is fantastic. That is why it is adorable.
Sometimes, your bad parts may bother you. However, that is also a part of your colour. So, treasure it and live with pride.
Wear your favourite colour then choose the path you believe. Not living others’ life but yours.
Discover the charm of the people who have the colour differs from yours and love it.
That faith and sensitivity are a true beauty and will become more important in this new era.

Do you live your color?