The Secret Story Behind our Jacket Production

After numerous trials and errors, spanning approximately five years, we finally finished creating our leather jacket 'Ebreeze.' We faced and overcame each challenge one by one, and we now celebrate its debut. Here, we share a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes story of its creation.

The most remarkable feature of Ethiopian sheepskin is its incredibly smooth and soft texture. To ensure that you feel as if you are being gently enveloped in sheepskin when wearing this Ebreeze, we have decided not to add any lining. However, we encountered various issues when using the leather we had previously used for bags, such as difficulty in wearing, suede fuzz sticking to clothing, and color fading when sweating. As a result, we decided to embark on a collaborative journey with a tannery (leather processing facility) to develop a new leather specifically for this leather jacket.

Through countless meetings with sales representatives and the technical development team, numerous samples were created, and after a truly challenging process, we finally settled on using 'Garment Sheepskin' for this project. Thanks to this new leather, we were able to dispel the image of heavy, stiff jackets with poor comfort, and instead, create a modern jacket that feels lightweight and effortlessly stylish!

The first sample of this soft rider's jacket was created five years ago. Instead of designing a garment that changes with every passing trend, we aimed to create something that people would wear for a lifetime. Since then, we have actually crafted dozens of samples, continuously refining the design.

The jacket features a clean yet relaxed fit; we aimed to preserve the Ethiopian sheepskin's unique softness while ensuring it doesn't become overly slouchy. We wanted to achieve the concept of 'greater comfort than being bare-skinned' while maintaining a refined style suitable for any occasion, without making compromises.


In the meticulous craft of fashion, where even a few millimeters can make a significant difference, finding the perfect line was a series of trial and error. With each new sample, staff members in both Japan and Ethiopia wore the jackets of various body types, gradually refining the design until we were finally satisfied.

Ebreeze is crafted by our company's top-tier expert artisans in our workshop. It's not an assembly line production; rather, each product is handled by a single artisan from start to finish. Each piece is labeled with the responsible staff member's name, ensuring that they take pride in their daily responsibility for the production of Ebreeze.

By the way, it takes a whopping six pieces of leather to create one of these leather jackets. This is because each part is large, requiring a single piece of leather. While patching smaller pieces together would be more efficient in terms of leather usage, we opted for a luxurious approach to ensure comfort and a sleek silhouette.


As I mentioned earlier, the planning for this leather jacket began five years ago.

Personally, I've been wearing the initial design for a long time, although it differs slightly from the product we are releasing today. I wear it for special occasions like fashion magazine photoshoots, speaking engagements, long-distance flights, and even in the atelier. Whether I want to look sharp, add a touch of glamour, or just relax, it's the go-to choice.

In the spring and summer, I pair it with a sleeveless dress, and in the dead of winter, I layer it over a down jacket. It effortlessly elevates everyday clothing and, thanks to its comfort, I find myself wearing it all the time. (Plus, whenever I wear it, I always receive compliments;)

Over the course of five years, the leather has developed character, becoming softer, and the comfort has improved even further. This is my proudest creation since starting the brand. I now invite you to try it out!