Limited edition of "&Hug" for holidays released

"Essential items should be beautiful in life"

Limited edition of &Hug now released!

The beloved "&Hug" crafted with exquisite Ethiopian sheepskin, enveloping a soft sponge-like form and texture.

With a matte gold chain, you can carry it elegantly by hand or sling it diagonally for a street-style look.

This bag, popular at andu amet, now introduces a limited edition color perfect for the holiday season.

Although it looks simple at first glance, when you unzip it, you'll be greeted by charming little birds, strawberries, plants, and more.

The special lining of this limited edition features textile designs by the father of modern design, William Morris.

Morris was born in post-Industrial Revolution Britain, a time when handcraftsmanship was being lost to the advancements of machine technology, leading to mass consumption. While products became more affordable, the skilled techniques and beauty of handcraftsmanship were gradually being compromised.

Concerned about this societal shift, Morris advocated for the Arts and Crafts Movement, emphasizing that "essential items in life should be beautiful." 

His designs, inspired by nature's trees and flowers, remain fresh and elegant even after 150 years, continuing to be cherished by fans worldwide. Sharing Morris's philosophy, andu amet resonates and introduces the limited edition "&Hug with William Morris lining."

Available in three colors:

A sophisticated design with bold placement of white anemone flowers on a refreshing blue background, reminiscent of Morris's iconic work preserved at the V&A Museum in the UK.

Desert Flower
A black background featuring a symmetrical design of yellow lily-of-the-valley, once displayed on the dining room walls of Morris's residence.

Nile Black
Titled "Little Bird Thief," this design depicts birds nibbling strawberries, inspired by scenes Morris frequently witnessed during his gardening moments.


For the 2023 holiday season, why not choose a meaningful gift for your loved ones or even treat yourself with the limited edition "&Hug"?

Explore the limited edition &Hug "here."