A good companion in the cashless era: the simple Coin Case.

The season has come when the trees change color and the clear sky is adorned with clouds, making us feel autumn even more deeply.

Many people are likely enjoying outings with minimal baggage, relishing the freedom of movement. At such times, the Coin Case, which allows for quick access to coins, is beloved by people of all genders and ages. Today, let us introduce the Coin Case, a good companion in the cashless era.

The palm-sized compact Coin Case: also suitable as a small accessory case.

Despite its compact size, the Across Coin Case provides the luxurious feel of Ethiopian sheepskin and the craftsmanship of artisans. It can also be used as a case for jewelry or essential medications, making it a recommended item for small gifts.

Bold coloring and delicate craftsmanship 

Crafted by artisans who spend time meticulously hand-weaving each piece of vibrant leather, this Coin Case resembles a work of art. Enjoy the increasing richness of the leather's texture as you use it over time.

30 coins able to see in one glance

Despite its compact size, the L-shaped zipper of the Across Coin Case allows for easy viewing and access to the contents, accommodating up to 30 coins.

Also as a case for small items

In addition to being a coin case, it is also ideal for carrying small items such as earphones, jewelry, or essential medications. Find your own unique way to use it.

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For Newsletter Members Only! Collaborate with andu amet Fans to Develop Original Bags


With the hope to create products that better suit everyone, we have launched a new project called "Developing Original Bags with andu amet Fans." Thankfully, we received more responses to the initial questionnaire than expected. We truly appreciate all our fans! The results of the first survey are as follows:

"Daily lunch meetings, slightly upscale restaurants, hotel lunches, vacations, etc. In addition to daily use, I want a bag that can be taken to events like entrance ceremonies or graduation ceremonies."

"I've been looking for a slightly upscale bag that I can use at fancy hotels or restaurants while traveling."

"I mainly use a commuting bag because I use it for work, so I want something sturdy, cute, and with a good texture. I'm currently using the happyMonday bag, but I wish there was a slightly smaller bag. "

"I want a bag for carrying a few items when going shopping nearby with my child. Since I use separate bags for items purchased at supermarkets, I don't need this bag to be too big. I want to use it when I want to go to work lightly. A diagonal bag that is bigger than the Baby Bug but not bulky. I would be happy if it had a shoulder strap that doesn't strain my shoulders."

We received a variety of opinions, but the most votes were for "a classy bag suitable for dining out or small parties." This was a somewhat surprising result for us, but we will continue to develop concepts based on this feedback.

We received many heartfelt messages, and we are excited to share them with you at a later date.

Now, for the second survey, we would like to ask about the "size of the bag"!

Question 2
What size bag do you want?

A A slightly larger size that can hold A4 paper or a water bottle.

For outings to parties or restaurants... Even though it's supposed to be for special occasions, women's belongings tend to accumulate. If you're looking for a slightly larger bag that won't look out of place in formal settings, this one is for you.

B A medium-sized bag that can hold a long wallet or makeup pouch

If you want a bag that is not big enough to fit A4 paper, but has enough length and gusset to securely hold a long wallet or makeup pouch, consider this option.

C A mini size that only holds the essentials

A mini bag is all the rage right now. If you want us to make a super cute mini bag that only fits a mini wallet, smartphone, and maybe a lipstick and handkerchief, choose this one!

Let's develop the "best bag" together!


(This is a project limited to newsletter members who have already registered. If you are interested, please register here. We will inform you in future newsletters.)