Lighten your body and mind with the Comfy smartphone pouch

The season of festive illuminations adorning the streets has arrived, bringing with it a sense of joy and anticipation. Today, we're excited to introduce the "Comfy" smartphone pouch, promising the ultimate in comfort for the perfect end to the year. With busy days leading up to the year-end, we all wish to spend our days feeling light, both physically and mentally!



Experience the ultimate "Comfy" smartphone pouch

We aim for our everyday essentials to be cherished for a long time. After much trial and error, we have come to a design that is minimalistic and free of unnecessary elements, with a texture that makes you won't want to let go.


Compact yet functional

Featuring an outer pocket for your transportation IC card and inner card holders, the Comfy is designed to be all-in-one. Whether tucked into your bag as a wallet or worn with the included strap, it keeps your hands and mind free.


Play with colors, go on adventures

With a variety of vibrant color options, the Comfy adds a touch of playfulness to your style. Use it as an accent piece or pair it with your existing andu amet products for a luxurious coordinated look.

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Exclusive to newsletter subscribers! The original bag developed with our andu amet fans

Our new project, aimed at creating products that better suit our fans, has reached its fourth installment. Let's start with the results of the third survey. The results were surprising!

"It would be great if there are some sparkles, not as much as a chain."

"I'd be happy if it could be detached."

"(From the size of a shoulder bag to a crossbody bag) I'm looking for a bag that I can use in casual settings as a shoulder bag and elegantly as a crossbody bag for outings. I'm currently looking for a bag that I can use for various occasions and that is of good quality and durable! Please make it happen!"

Surprisingly, everyone chose the "crossbody strap" option!! It seems like we're getting closer to a specific image, with a bag suitable for outings like restaurants and parties, with enough space for a long wallet or a water bottle, and equipped with a crossbody strap.

Now, it's time for the fourth and final survey. This time, we're asking about the "design concept of the bag"!


Question 4
What design concept bag do you want?


Hug Collection

The Hug Collection, which has been a signature bag of andu amet since its founding in 2012, boasts immense popularity. For the new collection, we aim to retain its fluffy texture while slightly refining the overall shape and adding a lineup of solid colors to give it a more contemporary feel.


Shubu-Shubu Collection

The Shubu-Shubu Collection is made from leather pieces that would normally be discarded due to wrinkles or natural blemishes, and patched together. This time, we're envisioning a simple yet intricately designed patchwork of solid colors.


Across Collection

The Across Collection features leather cut into ribbon-like strips and woven together like mesh in various colors. For this new collection, we plan to use a slightly irregular arrangement rather than the regular pattern used in previous designs, and incorporate new color combinations for a more stylish look.


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