Care & Repair

In order to be used for a long time

andu amet’s products minimize the use of coloring and coating, to maximize the feeling of the texture only available in this finest leather. Therefore, it takes some time and effort to maintain its quality, but we hope that you could also enjoy such time you spend.

Daily care

For leather products, it is often difficult to remove the dirt once it is on. Therefore, how much you can prevent it beforehand becomes the key to using it for a long time. After using it, please brush it or wipe it with a dry cloth frequently. This small effort built up makes all the difference several years later.

When you wipe it with a dry cloth, be careful not to put too much force, and stroke gently on the entire surface. Take extra care when you wipe whitish places where the dirt especially stands out, as well as the handles where there is relatively more dirt and sweat from hands.
To protect it from rain and dirt, make use of the waterproof spray occasionally.
At andu amet, we use natural finish that minimizes the use of pigments, to bring out the fascination of the finest texture.
For this reason, we recommend using a waterproof spray that uses fluorocarbon resin, which does not impair breathability and does not damage the material, instead of a silicone-based spray.

When it gets dirty

For light stains or dullness, rub it off gently with a rubber cleaner such as “Soft gami.”
Please be aware that rubbing it too hard may cause the surface to peel off.
It is better to use a spray-type cleaner for partial dirt and stains. Put the cleaner on a dry, soft cloth, and wipe off the stained part. The trick to removing it is tapping it a little: not rubbing.
Please take note that applying too much cleaner or rubbing too hard will cause discoloration.

If there is dust on the suede, remove it with a horsehair brush or a rubber cleaner for suedes. Because leather is fibrous, it absorbs dirt easily and becomes more and more difficult to remove over time. Please take care of it as soon as you notice it.

If it gets wet in the rain

Water is a great foe for leather. It is better to avoid using it on rainy days, but sometimes it is inevitable. On such occasions, first, wipe off the water droplets as soon as possible by lightly pressing the cloth and replacing it with a dry soft cloth.
Once you wipe off the water, put something like a towel and adjust its shape. Leather products stretch when they get wet, so leaving it as it is may be the cause of its losing shape.
After that, leave it in a breezy shade for 2-3 days to dry naturally. Please do not dry with a dryer or stove or expose it to direct sunlight.
Dry leather after getting wet has less flexibility. In order to regain the flexibility, apply an oil-based waterproofing spray, allow the chemical components to penetrate, then put a small amount of nourishing cream on the leather.

How to store

Leather can wear well if you allow it to rest occasionally. Store it in a breezy place away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight leads to color fade and leather deterioration, and humidity can cause mold.
If you do not use it for some time, in order to prevent it from deformation and to absorb moisture, put stuffing made of towels or rolled paper inside, and store it in the non-woven bag attached at the time of purchase.
For thin bags like Airy and jackets, creases can be prevented by hanging them for storage.
Please be careful not to let insect repellents or desiccants touch the leather directly.

How to take care of your leather jacket

Many people have the impression that leather jackets are difficult to take care, but actually, this is not the case.
As daily care, just take dust off the surface well, and apply a waterproof spray to prevent dirt and moisture.
If you get sweat or a strong odor of food on it, it is effective to apply a disinfectant deodorizing spray for leather to areas of your concern, such as the neck and armpits.
If it gets dirt, remove it with a cleaner.
When using it for the first time, it is recommended to test it on areas that are unseen such as the lining, before using it.

Maintenance by a professional

No matter how well you take care of it, if you use it for a long time, it may get dirt that is difficult to remove by yourself, or you may need some repair. In such case, we accept support by professionals. For more details, please look

About repairs

Andu amet’s lifetime warranty system
For leather products, everyday care is crucial. Despite that, by using them for a long time, you may get frays or spots that are difficult to remove by yourselves. If that happens, before buying a new product, please try out the repair or maintenance by a professional.
For us, having our customers use our products for a long time, rather than increasing immediate sales by having them replace old products with new ones, is indeed our pleasure. We promise to respond with sincerity, until the very last moment when the product reaches the end of its life and cannot be used any longer.
(However, depending on the condition of the product, unfortunately, it may be very difficult to repair it. Please be noted beforehand.)

Depending on the content, it will take about a day to 3 months.

If it is due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it free of charge. For degradation over time and other cases, we will repair it a fair price.
In addition, we ask you to bear the actual cost of the postage from and back to your home and the store.

How to request
Please send (1)a photo of the part that needs repair/maintenance (2)information on the date of purchase, frequency of use, etc. to <>. The person in charge will reply within a day.
We will inform you the period and amount of money required in advance and will start work after receiving your approval.
If you bring the product directly to the store, there is no need to contact us the above information in advance.