A extremely light sheepskin bag

"Airy", the bag that is so light that you will forget you hold it, even though it has enough capacity to hold A4 size documents and a 13inch PC.
This lightness is carasteristic of sheepskin, which is thin but durable. It is a special feature of sheepskin, compare to cowhide products which are usually used thinkly,
You can fully enjoy its smooth texture which use a whole piece of Ethiopian sheepskin. It can be used with tha bag charm (sold separately).

Compact, but secure storage

Guess the weight. It's only 100g!
It can hold a lot of things though so light that it could be blown away by gentle breeze.
IYou can also use it as sub-bag along with a small handbag or party bag.

It's strong!

“Is this weak because it’s really thin, light and soft?”, you might think, yet our answer is NO!
Ethiopian sheepskin is used in high-end professional sports gloves, and its durability is one of its best features.
Airy has also passed the 14kf load capacity test by Japanese inspection organization.
Ethiopian sheepskin has a lot of thick and elastic fibers in its thin hide, which allows it to maintain its incredible strength, while the the cowhide's strength is reduced when thick cowhide is cut to hald the thickness because of decrease of fiber.

One-piece tailoring is only possible with finest leather

The bag that is made of a single piece of leather without lining or parchwork can be made only truly great quality leather, so that you can see both the front and back of the material.

We have created a simple design that bring out its charm because it is made of the highest quality leather. Enjoy our delicated but durability Ethiopian sheepskin, which is often referred to as "the finest leather".



When spring comes to Japan, in Ethiopia the opposite side of the world, the dry season ends then it becomes like spring.
The rain starts to drop on the dried field and it sets the flowers like Bougainvillea, Jacaranda, and Hibiscus which are unique to Africa free to bloom.
The one which was created to describe those bright and beautiful African flowers is the “Bloom”.
Vivid pink surprisingly mach with any colours and clothes thanks to its supreme texture and fine quality. Why don’t you pick this colour to brighten your day?


A soft ivory with a slightly creamier tone than pure white. Combine it with dark styling to add brightness, with vivid colors such as pink and blue to create a loose feeling, or match it with a sporty style, or even with an elegant style. It is a neutral color that can be used in multiple ways with just one.

Green Field

The endless meadow over the horizon. The fresh breeze.

The smell of the sun. The sounds of birds singing. The one which was created to describe that beautiful and peaceful scenery of Africa is the “Green field”.
The combination of deep dark brown and elegant olive green is general but somehow fresh.
Why don’t you pick this colour to develop your sense of style?

Desert Flower

You could suddenly bump into a small flower when you are walking through a desert in Africa. At first glance, it is transient as it seems to be blown by the breeze easily. However, its root under the dried land will never let it die and blooms gracefully.

“Desert Flower” describes that single flower in the middle of the desert . The refined beige, an easy-to-match colour, with the accent of the gorgeous pink. Why don’t you pick this colour to gain something more maturity than cuteness?

Nile Black

The deep black with a blue tint reminds us of a night at the Nile river. If you take a closer look, you will see it with a bit bluer tint than basic black.

It is our carefully-made original black colour. We repeated trial and error and have paid a lot of passion to make this unique black. Finally, we found an exquisite amount of blue pigment to match this innocent black pigment.
The gleaming blue pigment which can hardly be seen is the secret of the intellectuality and elegance of this colour. Why don’t you pick this colour to enhance the worth of you?


When the wind holds its breath at dawn, the ocean reflects the whitening sky like a mirror. This color, Nagi, captures the essence of that moment, so serene and mystical that we forget the passing of time.

Sahara Pink

Just before the scorching sun sets and darkness covers the desert, the sands of the Sahara briefly take on a soft pink hue. “Sahara Pink” is inspired by that fleeting, magical scenery.

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Please be sure to read before ordering

Andu amet’s products use original leather that is finished in a method -one that does not use coating with pigments, and instead is finished so that it is close to the original, leaving the natural texture of leather- to enjoy the texture and feeling of the finest Ethiopian sheepskin. This might leave color unevenness and small scratches, or cause color transfer and fading at times.


Material:Ethiopian sheepskin
External size:H33×W31 *The gusset can be freely changed depending on what you put inside.
Handle length:58cm
Handle height:25cm
(Please note that because it is handmade, the size of each product may slightly vary. )


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※Shipping in Japan is free of charge for orders over 30,000 yen including tax.



As light as feather, as smooth and silk.
Having a delicate texture that makes everyone happy the moment he/she touches it, Ethiopian sheepskin is also known for its extraordinary strength.
As the best leather, it is a rare material used in high-brand and high-end items.

To know more about Ethiopian sheepskin, look here >

For leather samples, look here >


Sheepskin is soft and delicate compared to other leather, which makes it special and fascinating.
Andu amet’s products use minimum amount of processing such as coloring and coating, to make maximum use of its natural beauty, without compromising the exquisite texture of Ethiopian sheepskin.
Therefore, it takes time and effort to clean it, but by taking proper care of it, it becomes possible to use for a long time.
By all means, please take care of and have love in it.

Look at ways of caring in detail >


We aim to reduce the use of goods disposable and made of plastic materials.
As our standard wapping for gift, we deliver our products by using dust bag with our logo, made of breathable cotton. We hope you to use this bag for storing your precious leather goods for a long time after purchase.

For a special gift, we can offer a paid gift box (Original Box M). It has chocolate brown color with oursheep logo, and is presented with a satin ribbon.

Please note that we do not provide a paper bag except special request. If you would like one, please leave a note as remarkes when ordering. We send you a simple paper bag made of 100% recycled paper without Poly-Propylene film.

For more information on our wrapping policy, please click here.


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