When people hold andu amet bags, almost everyone has the immediate reactions of
However, among these, the one with the most exclamation marks from everyone is undoubtedly the single-piece leather tote "Airy."


As a leather bag that can accommodate A4-sized documents and a 13-inch laptop, it is probably the world's lightest at just 100g!

Despite that, it boasts remarkable strength, capable of carrying up to 14kg without showing signs of strain.

To achieve lightness, some products use common cowhide that is thinly shaved, but this approach has a drawback as it reduces the amount of the crucial "fibers" responsible for the leather's strength. (If you shave it down to half, the fiber amount is also reduced by half; if you shave it down to 1/3, the fiber amount becomes 1/3.)

However, Ethiopian sheepskin, known for its natural thinness, lightness, and durability, doesn't have this concern.

Cowhide shaved down to 1/3 of its thickness:

Furthermore, a bag with a single-piece construction, without using lining or any seams, allows both the front and back sides of the material to be visible.
Such a bag can only be created with truly excellent leather. It's a bag designed to bring out the charm of the highest-quality leather in its simple design.


We've also received feedback from customers such as:

"It's lightweight and durable, and it doesn't get damaged even if I handle it roughly."

"It has a higher capacity than it looks, and it still looks good when packed full."

"The design is simple and stylish, making it suitable for work."

Many customers have mentioned using it as a commuter bag as well.

"I use it as a secondary bag when I have a small handbag."
"I use it as a bag for my laptop."
"It's compact, so I can take it anywhere, which is convenient. I always pack it in my suitcase, especially when traveling."
"It has a casual style, but it can also be paired with dressier outfits. That's a plus."
"I have a lot of neutral-colored clothing, so I use it as a pop color."


Here are some more comments from our customers:
"It can be used by those of all age or gender, so our whole family competes to use it."
"Using such high-quality Ethiopian sheepskin in a single piece at this price is really a great deal."
"There were so many colors to choose from that I was initially torn. I ended up choosing orange, and it surprisingly goes well with many outfits."

It's great to see how customers are finding creative and versatile ways to use the bag. We got to take some photos of customers enjoying their Cocoon bags looking stylish with them.

In my recent appearance on the BS Tele East program "& Start-up", I received lots of enthusiastic comments from the hosts:

"This is so lightweight!" (Non-Style's Inoue)

"I really want this! It feels amazing!" (Yuko-san)

"It's light, it's light, it's light, it's light, it's light, it's light, it's light!"

"Isn't this lighter than a supermarket plastic bag?" (Non-Style's Ishida)

It's wonderful to see such positive reactions from the show's hosts, and it's clear that the Cocoon bag made quite an impression on them. It was also heartwarming to hear about your interaction with Ishida-san and how he appreciated the product.

The "Airy" bag, that surprises anyone who take it in hand, is definitely worth checking out. Be sure to take a look for yourself!