Thoughts Put Into the Wedding Gifts


In Europe, there has long been a tradition that says "brides who marry in June will be happy."

This is believed to be because the goddess Juno, who governs marriage and childbirth in Greek mythology, protects the month of June. While it may be the rainy season in Japan, more couples are choosing to have weddings in June, inspired by the idea of the "June bride."

In fact, I recently had my own wedding ceremony and reception.


One of the key points we emphasized when planning our wedding was the idea of "welcoming our guests with only things we truly love and find wonderful." This important event was an opportunity to express our gratitude to the people who have been dear to us, so we wanted every aspect, from our attire to the food we served and the wedding gifts we gave, to be ethical choices that conveyed love and warmth.

For my wedding dress, I had it custom-made with handwoven silk from Cambodia. I also chose accessories from an ethical brand produced by a friend.

Lastly, for the wedding gifts we presented to our guests, we chose andu amet's bag charms and keyholders.

I have been using andu amet's bags like the Big Hug for about five years, and I have always loved the luxurious feel of Ethiopian sheepskin and the fact that they are handmade by craftsmen, making them unique "one-of-a-kind" products. I thought both the quality of the product itself and the story behind it were perfect as gifts to celebrate our new beginning with our guests.

In fact, guests who attended our wedding reception had some wonderful things to say about the gifts: "When I opened the box and took out the gift, the vibrant colors instantly lifted my spirits." "After reading the concept book included with it, I felt even happier because it was such a thoughtful gift that reflected your personalities." "Every time I see the cute charm on my bag, it reminds me of the enjoyable memories from today."

The gifts were very well-received!

We also believe that by paying attention to every detail, including our wedding gifts, we were able to create lifelong cherished memories throughout the entire process of preparing for our wedding.

Since it's a once-in-a-lifetime special day, why not consider choosing "special items" to color that day? (Hikari)

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