Give the ultimate lucky wallet for Father's Day


Let's give our fathers heartfelt gratitude and the best of luck on Father's Day.


June 19th (Sunday) next month is Father's Day.

To celebrate it, how about indulging your loved ones with luxurious items from andu amet, made with the finest Ethiopian sheepskin?

Among them, we especially recommend the "wallet". In fact, June 10th (Friday), just before Father's Day, is said to be the most auspicious day to purchase or start using a wallet.

We include a mini booklet introducing Ethiopia, Ethiopian leather, craftsmanship, ethics, and more with both free and paid wrapping options. Surely even the most discerning fathers will enjoy it!?



June 10th, the last auspicious day of the year with "Ichiryu Manbaibi" + "Tensha Day"

"Ichiryu Manbaibi" is the day when a single grain grows into a splendid ear of rice and bears fruit ten thousandfold. "Tensha Day" is the day when heaven forgives the sins of all beings and various obstacles are removed.

Each is considered auspicious, but June 10th is the day when these two coincide, making it the most auspicious day of all.

In 2022, the days when these two auspicious days overlap are only January 11th, March 26th, and June 10th. June 10th is the last and strongest auspicious day of the year.



Experience the warmth in your hands with andu amet's wallets.

Feel the smile every time you hold it with its texture and coloring.

Long Wallet

For those who want to carry everything compactly.

Across Half Wallet

A compact coin case that fits in the palm of your hand.

Across Coin Case

Softness and thinness that defy the image of a long wallet.

L-fastener wallet

A pochette-style wallet that promises a pleasant experience.