New Release! 3-Way Backpack Overflowing with Positive Aura

Introducing the 3-way mini backpack "Amulet" from the popular Shubu-Shubu Collection!

"A mini-sized backpack for daily use is what I wish for."

 The new Amulet was made from the voices of our customers. Despite its compact size, easy to use even for small people, it accommodates everyday items such as a long wallet, a larger cosmetic pouch, and gadgets. What sets it apart is its 3-way functionality – not just as a backpack but also as a crossbody bag and a shoulder bag. With just a change in strap usage, it seamlessly fits any wardrobe or situation.


Amulet, as the name suggests, means "talisman" in English. Just like a talisman that brings positive vibes and a sense of security by merely holding it, we wanted to create a bag that fills the wearer's heart with positivity and protection. The Amulet is shaped like a talisman pouch, embodying these sentiments.

Crafted from upcycled leather, using the smallest scraps ever for the Shubu-Shubu Collection, Amulet is a culmination of a meticulous commitment to sustainability and the artisans' exquisite craftsmanship. This bag, brimming with a positive aura, shines even brighter in the hands of its wearer, becoming an invincible and unique piece.


The new "Amulet" will be released on November 9th (Thu) at 13:00!

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