【Surprisingly Light】The bag as light as a slice of bread?!

A mere 100g!
The surprising lightness made possible by Sheepskin Leather

The tote bag "Airy" from andu amet boasts unwavering popularity, and the secret to its appeal is undoubtedly its lightness. Weighing only an astonishing 100g, a weight considered impossible for a leather tote bag, it's equivalent to just one slice of bread.
In this column, we'll delve into the secrets behind Airy's popularity!

The material plays a crucial role in determining the weight. The Ethiopian sheepskin adopted by andu amet is a rare material obtained only from sheep inhabiting the highlands of Ethiopia, and it is hailed as the world's finest leather.

Not only is it lightweight, but it also offers a soft and smooth texture, elasticity, and remarkable durability. The process of cultivating this leather in Ethiopia and the workshop's atmosphere can be explored from here.

Crafted as a single piece without the use of hardware or any lining, Airy's simplicity in design can only be achieved with truly excellent leather. Enjoy the allure that stands out precisely because it is made with the finest leather, along with its lightness.

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