Enjoying Going Outdoors with Airy!

The summer heat continues to soar above 30 degrees Celsius day after day, marking the peak of summer! Amidst the ongoing pandemic, camping has gained popularity as a leisure activity where social distancing can be maintained. In recent years, camping has evolved beyond just an outdoor activity to become a part of fashion for many.

andu amet's 'Airy' is a popular item recommended for its remarkable lightness, durability, and simple design, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. From strolling through the city streets to escaping into the wilderness for camping adventures, enjoy an exciting summer with Airy by your side!

Surprisingly lightweight for a leather bag, yet durable with sheepskin. And don't be fooled by its appearance—Airy offers more storage space than meets the eye! Whether as a sub-bag for full-fledged camping trips or a lightweight backpack for casual hikes, the 'Airy' leather bag is a step up from the typical nylon bags of outdoor adventures.

Let's make the most of this summer's leisure activities with 'Airy'!"