Adding Luxury to Everyday Life

With just a few days left in September, the relentless sunshine and heat have eased, and the gentle breeze feels pleasant. It makes us realize that we're slowly transitioning into autumn. 

In a typical year, this is the time for planning family trips, enjoying the short-lived season with close friends, and getting excited about various activities. However, this year, many of us may still need to be patient for a while longer.

At our home, with young children, we're not planning any long trips or seasonal events for the rest of the year. Instead, we'll focus on spending time at home and exploring our local area. While I do look forward to the day when we can travel and enjoy seasonal events without restrictions, I've also come to appreciate the time spent with my family at home, and the rediscovery of the charm in our local area, which we might not have noticed before.

Not only during long holidays but also recently, the opportunities to visit the city center or bustling areas have decreased, and we tend to explore nearby places instead. Along with this change in outings, my choice of clothing has shifted towards lightweight and versatile one-mile wear. With this, the bags I prefer have also changed.

I wanted something easy to grab without pretension but with subtle elegance and a touch of uniqueness that warms up as soon as you touch it. That's why this summer I welcomed the "Swingy" in the refreshing Nile Breeze color.


With its slim handles that you can hang on your arm or shoulder and an additional strap that can be attached to wear it like a folded sachet, the Swingy is a versatile 3-way bag that adapts to various uses and occasions.

In my case, as I often walk around holding my young child's hand, I mainly use it with the strap across my body. True to its name, "Swingy," despite being a leather bag, gives a light and airy impression. This means it pairs effortlessly with casual jeans or dresses. Even a simple monochrome outfit becomes instantly vibrant thanks to the wide range of colors available with Swingy.


Of course, you can also feel the rich texture of Ethiopian sheepskin with Swingy. The intentionally minimalist square shape allows you to experience the smoothness and sheen that the highest-quality leather possesses. It's easy to grab without any airs, subtly elevating casual attire. It has truly become my reliable companion for outings.

Rather than creating a sense of extraordinary, it adds a touch of luxury to the regular days. Since our lifestyles and outing styles have changed, why not choose an item that quietly adds a splash of color to your lives?

By Ponny.