Using 'Shubu-Shubu Clutch' Versatilely and Joyfully



"Shubu-Shubu Laptop Case" with a genderless design

Despite its flat design without gussets, the soft leather can flexibly change its shape according to the thickness of the items you put inside, making it versatile for a wide range of uses. Since its release, it has been well-received.

Able to store a variety of items -from laptops and smartphones to wallets, cameras, and water bottles-, it can be used both as a laptop case and a bag. To reach out to more people and let them know about its versatility, we have decided to change its name to "Shubu-Shubu Clutch"!

Of course, it still provides cushioning to protect your laptop as before. Today, we will showcase the charm of this item, suitable for everyday use!




Perfect for everyday outings as well as a secondary bag for travel: when you stuff it full, it becomes even cuter.




Made from premium leather, it adds a touch of class to any business scene.



What is the Shubu-Shubu Collection?

Leather, being a natural material, often produces offcuts during manufacturing, leading to waste. We see this as a social issue and have been incorporating effective utilization of these offcuts into our product planning since our inception, aiming to minimize waste. The Shubu-Shubu Collection was born from a shift in mindset, turning the passive approach of dealing with surplus leather into a concept of creating products filled with the unique charm of wrinkled leather, allowing you to enjoy the distinctive texture of the material.

In addition to the Clutch we introduced today, we also offer the Make My Day tote bag and the Versatile Pouch that is perfect for carrying small items, from this collection.

As Golden Week approaches and opportunities for outings increase, the "Shubu-Shubu Clutch," usable as both a PC case and a bag, comes highly recommended!

Look at Shubu-Shubu Clutch