Lightweight and soft. The Ultimate Daily Bag: Shopping


With the early arrival of the end of the rainy season this year, we're now experiencing a heatwave reminiscent of midsummer. Have you been coping well with the change in climate?

Today, we'd like to introduce you to our familiar paper bag reimagined in leather, aptly named "Shopping." It's just the right size to fit smaller items like a small water bottle, a parasol, or a long wallet, making it an ideal sub-bag for when you're carrying a smaller purse.



Lightweight and Soft. The Ultimate Daily Bag.

We faithfully recreated the disposable paper bag that you see every day using premium leather. Feel free to use it and let its character develop over time. Crafted from a single piece of leather, it weighs only 150g, making it delightfully lightweight like a real paper bag.


It's a Bag that Goes with Any Style: The Most Familiar Shape of Bag

Its familiar shape ensures it blends seamlessly with any style. Whether it's for your casual daily look or as a companion for a small party bag, it's the perfect fit.

Minimalistic yet Luxurious Craftsmanship

Despite its minimalistic design, it boasts luxurious craftsmanship using flawless, seamless single-piece leather. The handle is intricately handcrafted by artisans using Ethiopian sheepskin.


Versatile Usage Depending on Your Creativity

Despite its compact size, its soft leather molds to the contents, allowing for various shapes and accommodating even thicker items. Whether as a lunch bag or a sub-bag, its usage is limited only by your imagination.