Ideal for Gifts! Cosmetic Case with a Soft Texture

Like the changing of seasons with each rainfall, we're gradually transitioning to the next season bit by bit. On sunny days, we can't help but feel the refreshing autumn breeze and the urge to step out with a light heart. Today, we'd like to introduce our Cosmetic Case, which has been well-received for its convenience and usability when carrying essential items for such outings.

A Pouch with a gusset, perfect for storing cosmetics and digital gadgets

This pouch features a gusset that provides ample storage and easy access. Its trapezoidal shape accommodates items like makeup sponges, smartphone chargers, batteries, and other delicate essentials. With its vibrant and eye-catching appearance, it's undoubtedly a gift that will be cherished.

Crafted with bold color schemes and delicate artisan handiwork

The craftsmen have intricately woven vibrant leather that seems to bring cheer just by looking at it, resulting in a cosmetic case resembling a work of art. Please enjoy the increasingly rich texture of the leather as you use it

A perfect size for daily use 

When used as a cosmetic case, it can comfortably hold one compact, two lipsticks, one eyeshadow palette, one mascara, and other items such as nail polish or hair wax.