Azuma Styling by Scene

The versatile tote "Azuma," recently released for Day to Night use, was actually inspired by the voices of our customers.

While the single-piece leather tote "Airy," boasting top sales within andu amet, has been beloved by many, we received several requests such as "we want a lining," "we want the bag to close more securely," and "it would be convenient if it had pockets."

As Airy is characterized by being "a single piece of leather without lining, allowing you to fully enjoy the thin and durable charm of Ethiopian sheepskin," we couldn't alter its design. However, in response to these requests, "Azuma" was born.

Yet, we didn't just focus on functionality, but also paid attention to the design, ensuring it can be used in various situations.

In this newsletter, we'll introduce the charm of Azuma in different everyday scenes!

On this day, I went to the studio to oversee the photo shoot. Because I had to head straight to a working dinner, I selected Azuma.

With its storage capacity for mobile gadgets and a well-balanced appearance that exudes a presence, it's an excellent Day to Night bag.

An art museum with the atmosphere of a restored 19th-century red brick building—my favorite place. After work, I went to see the trending exhibition at the Night Museum. Azuma adds a stylish touch that stands out in the gallery.

On a day off, wandering around the city without a fixed destination. Azuma elevates a casual look, providing a shoulder type that's fluffy and easy to carry, like it's snuggling against the body.

For a dinner with a group of close friends, thinking of what to wear is enjoyable. The design with a form crafted from high-quality leather instills confidence in any place.