Staff's Favorite Guidebook【Comfy】

Vol.4 | Staff Aya

Always keep your essentials close by with: the "Comfy" smartphone pouch.

The staff at andu amet are passionate about the brand, and many of us use our own products regularly. In this "Staff's Favorite Guidebook," we introduce the "Comfy," a product that I, Aya, use almost every day!

I typically use the "Comfy" more as a bag-in-bag than just a smartphone case. It holds essentials like business cards, lip balm, my house keys (which I tend to forget), an aroma spray from a friend, my Starbucks card (with a donation to an NPO I support), and sometimes even a small wallet, squeezed in against its slim design.

My smartphone goes in the outer pocket. While this makes the sleek phone case bulge a bit, it's a convenient way to keep everything I need accessible, even during coworking sessions.

But, by putting together those items that you need to access quickly and are prone to getting lost in your bag due to their small size, you can easily retrieve them when needed: even during coworking sessions, keeping them within reach.

Whether you're leaving your bag at your workspace to go for lunch or want to keep only valuables at hand during social gatherings, simply grabbing your "Comfy" allows for smart, efficient action.

I use the Nile Breeze blue version of "Comfy," which adds a vibrant touch as an accent color. I often receive compliments on it, such as "that's a beautiful shade of blue!" I prefer carrying it over my shoulder rather than crossbody, so I tie the strap short for a shoulder bag style.

Since smartphone cases often tend to be casual, the "Comfy" with its design that seamlessly integrates into work settings has become a favorite of mine.


Have you ever experienced the frustration of unconsciously tossing items into your bag after using them, only to have them disappear? Since I started using the "Comfy," having a designated place for everything has eliminated that problem for me.

True to its name, the "Comfy" allows for a comfortable life by keeping essential items close at hand, whether at work or in your personal life. It has become an indispensable presence, and I feel unsettled when it's not nearby.

I'd love to hear how you use your "Comfy" too!