Wallet Comparison: Which Would You Give To Your Family?

What points do the staff who are familiar with andu amet products consider when choosing gifts for their families? Let's have a look at the characteristics of the products and their lifestyles!

Large capacity is definitely appreciated!

Long Wallet Faction:EC Staff Sato
My mother tends to collect receipts and point cards. I've never seen her use anything other than a long wallet. With the Long Wallet, you can fit 100 receipts and even a bank passbook, so I'm sure she'll be delighted to use it.

Original design is good!

Half Wallet Faction:Intern Kawajiri
My mother lives in Germany and often travels to other European countries as well. I've heard that over there, many people value their individuality over trends and brand name value when choosing products. This Half Wallet's Bloom is bright and vibrant, perfect for my lively mother, and I liked the unique hand-knitted design.

The ultimate deciding factor is the exquisite feel

Long Wallet Faction:EC Staff Sato
In that sense, I think my mother also has a bit of a preference when choosing wallets, such as ostrich or cowhide. The Long Wallet uses the finest Ethiopian sheepskin, so you can fully enjoy its soft and fluffy texture. That's why I think this one is the best. It's surprising how light it is even though every part from the bill pocket to the card case inside is made of genuine leather.

Compact and reduces travel stress!

Half Wallet Faction:Intern Kawajiri
But even with the Half Wallet, you can still enjoy the feel just fine. If anything, because it fits in the palm of your hand, you're tempted to touch it more. My mother's daily routine includes walks when the weather is nice, so the compactness of being able to store bills, coins, and cards, and even put it in her pocket, seems to fit her lifestyle. She likes to travel, so she always says she wants to reduce her luggage as much as possible. But it seems she can't reduce it much:)

If you're going to have the same thing, I'd go for handmade!

Long Wallet Faction: EC Staff Sato
My mother just loves making things. She started with knitting, then moved on to making suits with Western clothing, got into making stuffed animals, and recently got into making basket bags. So she would definitely appreciate handmade craftsmanship.


Perfect for carrying accessories too

Half Wallet Faction: Intern Kawajiri

Speaking of hobbies, my mother also loves accessories. She used to put them directly in her bag and sometimes lost them. If she likes the Half Wallet, maybe next year I'll give her a coin case from the same series as a travel jewelry case.

How was it?

When you really think about your family's lifestyle, you might find that surprisingly suitable products exist. Please consider this as a reference for choosing gifts.

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