Our Staff's Favorite Guidebook: Versatile Pouch

Vol.5 | Project Manager Mari

The "Staff's Favorite Guidebook" is where staff members who use and genuinely love andu amet products introduce their favorite items.

This time, Mari, who is in charge of promotions and planning at andu amet, will introduce her beloved "Versatile Pouch."

Here is what I carry in my bag on days when I'm on the move.

Even though I just go to a local gym, where fashion doesn't seem to matter, my go-to large canvas tote bag always includes the Versatile Pouch. I love its colorful hues, the quality of the leather, and the tassel-adorned zipper pull. I like to pay attention to the contents of my bag whether I'm on or off duty.

After exercising, it's time for a moment at a café.

Sometimes it's a local spot, and other times I go further to a seaside café. There, I enjoy reading books, browsing the internet, etc.

At those times, I always have some cosmetics and other essentials in my Versatile Pouch. It's not just a practical item to hold things but also a decorative piece that adds enjoyment to the scene.

I indulge in a sense of satisfaction while leisurely enjoying the passing time.

Having spent a long time at the forefront of the fashion industry, I used to be someone who flaunted high-end brands, both in my bags and their contents, in my younger days. But now, with age and having seen various things, I truly understand the beauty of andu amet.

Especially the indescribable atmosphere of this pouch, the subtlety of the patchwork, and the irresistible feel of the leather. It's a masterpiece born from the designer's vision and the quality of the leather.

I tuck it into my bag and head out, feeling a sense of self-satisfaction, even if I don't show it to anyone that day. Don't you think this embodies the concept of "Quiet Luxury" that's talked about these days?


(*Quiet Luxury: It refers to minimalist, understated luxury that focuses on high-quality materials and craftsmanship, in contrast to loud logo prints and excessively decorative fashion that screams for attention on social media.)