Pop-up Caravan 23/AW is Here!


Every year, we receive tremendous feedback on our Pop-up Caravan. This autumn, the time has come again!

To kick off this year's caravan, we will be selling for the first time at "Plain People Aoyama" in Tokyo. It is a high-sense concept store offering a blend of relaxed elegance and beauty, featuring original clothing, fashion accessories curated from domestic and international sources, artistic interior décor, and carefully crafted fermented seasonings that are both delicious and gentle on the body.

For more details, please join us for our Instagram Live session.

Following that, from Wednesday, September 13th, we will be at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo. While we have primarily toured major cities in the regions before, this autumn, we have several events planned in Tokyo as well.

Then, we'll be heading to Kyoto, Nagoya, Kobe, Sendai, and more over the next three months.

You'll have the chance to get your hands on the new color "Harvest" for Ebreeze, as well as our perennial favorites like &Hug and the ever-popular Hug Hug, which has remained a signature bag.



Whether you're new to andu amet's products or have been attending our events every year, our staff is eagerly looking forward to meeting all of you.

See you soon!