【Ultimate Lucky Day】On New Year's Day! Join the Ethihal Wallet Fair.


"Ethi"cal "Haru"saifu (Ethical Spring Wallet)
The beginning of a year filled with happiness
"Ethi-hal Wallet Fair"

The year 2023 is coming to an end shortly. It's the year-end hustle and bustle with cleaning and preparations for the New Year. andu amet is excited to announce the annual "Ethical Wallet Fair," which has been a tradition for the past few years. Purchasing a wallet in spring is said to lead to a prosperous financial situation, and many are aware that it is considered auspicious. Furthermore, sheep leather is believed to enhance interpersonal luck, such as relationships and connections.

We also believe that "how a product is made" is crucial. In the process from creating a product to reaching the hands of customers, we think that products creating joy, pride, and smiles have a greater aura of happiness than those that harm the natural environment or cause someone distress.

The "Ethihal Wallet Fair," featuring ethical spring wallets, is typically held at the beginning of the year, but we apologize for introducing it during this busy year-end period. The reason for notifying you at this timing is...

January 1st is the Ultimate Lucky Day.

Yes, that's the reason. In fact, on January 1, 2024, the most powerful auspicious day "Tensha Day" and the auspicious day for starting new things "Ichiryu Manbai Day" overlap, making it the luckiest day of the year with the highest fortune power.

As it is a day with extremely high luck, anything started on this day is likely to yield fortunate results, making it an ideal day to begin something you want to succeed in. Additionally, financial luck is also enhanced, making it recommended for buying lottery tickets or starting to use a new wallet.

In 2024, where few very auspicious days coincide with New Year's Day, start with an ethical and auspicious wallet for a good beginning!

Long Wallet

A touch that fits in the palm of your hand. Vibrant coloring that uplifts your spirits at a glance. Recommended for those who have a preference for selecting truly good things for everyday use.

L-fastener wallet

Stylish form and softness that overturns the image of a long wallet.

Half Wallet

For those who want to carry coins, bills, and cards all in a compact way.

Coin Case

Palm-sized coin case. Also suitable for small item storage.


A smartphone pouch that also functions as a wallet.

Baby Hug

Suitable for parties and casual occasions. A 3-way wallet bag.