【Staff Favorites Guidebook】 The Ultimate Item "Ebreeze" that elevates everyday outfit.

"Staff Favorites Guidebook" is a series where andu amet staff introduce their beloved products.

This time, we had a conversation with Rina, who handles project management for andu amet as an external partner.

Ebreeze plays a significant role during chilly seasons like now and early spring.

Actually, when choosing between Desert Flower and Nile Black, I was initially torn. I wondered if black might look too cool, and if beige would be more versatile. However, with advice from Emi, a fellow staff member, and trying them on in-store, I ultimately chose Nile Black.

I usually opt for casual attire, but when I throw on Ebreeze, I feel like my outfit gets a little more elevated, and it has become incredibly useful.

Whether paired with denim for a casual look or with a skirt for a slightly girly touch, Ebreeze strikes a balance, creating a moderately polished impression.

It has become a staple in my wardrobe due to its versatility, and I can't part with it. Having Ebreeze with me gives a sense of reassurance - it's like a safety net for any occasion.

I also appreciate the softness of the leather and the fact that it doesn't take up much space when wearing or carrying it after taking it off.

Lately, I've started playing Dragon Quest Walk to combat a sedentary lifestyle. When I'm out for a purpose like walking, wearing Ebreeze boosts my mood and energy levels.

When making purchases, I also prioritize considerations such as environmental friendliness and engagement in sustainable activities. I believe in supporting products that align with these values as a conscientious consumer.

In this regard, I appreciate andu amet's dedicated efforts in sustainable practices and the philosophy embedded in the brand name, "andu amet" (meaning one decade). I've been a fan and user of their products since approximately a decade ago when they were founded.

Rather than succumbing to trends and engaging in mass consumption, I prefer to cherish items crafted with care and use them for an extended period.

I am currently intrigued by the recently released "&Hug" in May. I had a friend's engagement party recently, and I needed a bag that was not too formal but still complemented a slightly elegant outfit. I found myself in a dilemma about which bag to choose.

The "&Hug" with its wide strap and chain attachment caught my eye. It seems to seamlessly blend into both casual and formal settings. As a result, I am considering it as a potential birthday present for myself.