New Release! A limited edition color for the leather tote "Azuma."

Introducing a limited edition color for the leather tote inspired by furoshiki, "Azuma."

Since its introduction two years ago, "Azuma" has gained popularity for its dignified appearance and ease of use. Inspired by the "azuma-bukuro," a bag made with furoshiki during the Edo period, it is a tote bag reimagined in a contemporary style using Ethiopian sheepskin.

Featuring a simple yet sophisticated design, it seamlessly transitions from denim to dresses, office to parties—an all-around versatile item that can go from day to night.

This limited edition, "Azuma/Marugiku," is adorned with traditional Japanese motifs.

This release combines the auspicious chrysanthemum pattern, believed to have the effects of "dispelling evil spirits" and "longevity," with the endless circle pattern representing eternal happiness. The Marugiku pattern, combining these two propitious elements, has been cherished by many Japanese as a symbol of good luck.

The lining features the vibrant and charming Marugiku pattern, combined with the sophisticated body made of luxurious Ethiopian sheepskin, giving birth to "Azuma/Marugiku."

The release is on January 13th (Sat) at 13:00. "Azuma/Marugiku" is a limited edition color available only this time. Alongside the classic five colors, be sure to check it out!



Green Field


Nile Black