Celebrating our 12th anniversary: Popular colors make a comeback from the 'Hug Collection'!



andu amet celebrated its 12th anniversary on February 1, 2024. We owe this milestone entirely to the support of everyone, and we thank you sincerely.

Since its inception, andu amet has been committed to creating meticulously handmade items with high-quality materials, proposing the allure of slow fashion to our customers. The Hug Collection, launched alongside the brand's birth 12 years ago, continues to be beloved by many.

Among the Hug Collection, we are excited to announce the re-release of two colors that were previously discontinued: Hug Hug/Nile Black and Baby Hug/Desert Flower. These products will be available for purchase starting at 1:00 PM on February 1st, commemorating the 12th anniversary of our brand's founding.

Hug Hug

Nile Black

The body, lining, handles, and pockets are all crafted from Ethiopian sheepskin. This popular bag exudes both casual elegance and a perfect size for daily outings. 

Its soft leather allows for more items than expected, from wallets to smartphones, larger pouches, and even drinks in a personal bottle. Moreover, the wide opening provides easy access and visibility of the contents, making it convenient for everyday use.

Baby Hug

Desert Flower

This bag luxuriously features Ethiopian sheepskin, creating a mini-sized bag with an irresistibly soft and fluffy texture that invites you to cuddle it tightly. 

It comes with a length-adjustable and detachable gold chain, allowing versatile wear as a crossbody pouch, shoulder bag, bag-in-bag, clutch, or wallet.


Please take note of our classic color selections too, which feature bold yet sophisticated hues that uplift anyone's spirits.

Hug Hug

Baby Hug