New Colors Available! Introducing Fresh Hues for Our Popular Wallets

Embrace Summer with our New Wallet Colors!

As we enjoy the brief sunny intervals during the rainy season, the arrival of a full-fledged summer is near. Next week, on July 3, new banknotes will be issued for the first time in 20 years. This update not only features enhanced anti-counterfeiting and durability technologies but also symbolizes the anticipation of future economic stability and growth.

In celebration of this new era, we will launch new colors for six of our popular wallet items on July 4, Thursday, at 1:00 PM! This date also happens to be "Ichiryū Manbai-bi," a day believed to bring great rewards from new beginnings.

Why not welcome the new banknotes with our luxurious sheepskin wallets, long considered symbols of prosperity?


New Colors: Nagi & Sahara Pink

Nagi (Smoky Blue): This color is said to enhance growth-related luck, making it ideal for those looking to improve their work or study fortunes.

Sahara Pink: Known for its motivation-boosting effects, this pink shade is perfect for anyone seeking a fresh start and ready to embrace new challenges.

Both colors are paired with a gentle beige, creating a calm and sophisticated adult nuance. Don't miss this opportunity to add these exquisite new shades to your collection!

Long Wallet

Our long wallet is renowned for its luxurious, hand-conforming feel. It boasts ample space for cards and bills, combining style with functionality.

L-fastener Wallet

This wallet eliminates the zipper on the coin case, allowing for a seamless view of the contents with a single action. Its design is both practical and stylish.



A smartphone pochette that also serves as a wallet, capable of holding bills and credit cards. Its minimal, efficient design and superior texture are its defining features.


Additionally, new colors are now available for our accessories to add a touch of elegance to your Airy or Make My Day bags:


Bag Charm L Bag Charm S Key Holder