The Hidden Story Behind the Design

Bags are something you carry with you wherever you go: to work, shopping, a date, or when you hang out with friends—basically, whenever you're not at home. The time you spend with your bag might even exceed the time you spend with your family or loved ones. That's why we wanted to create bags that can make you happy just by having them. That's how andu amet began.

andu amet is an ethical luxury brand, and not only in our manufacturing process but also in our design, we prioritize making bags that are not just cute but can also make the people who use them even happier!

Take this bag in the photo, for example.

Soft and gentle, just as the name suggests: BIG HUG. When you hold it tight, it will be soft and tender, comforting you.

All of andu amet's products also have an original mosaic-like decoration, and in this color layering, you can find the hidden "HAPPY!" thought by the local artisans, with colors resembling various national flags, stripes alternating between Japanese and Ethiopian skin colors, and colors inspired by the beautiful morning sunrise they saw that day.

Just so that everyone who uses it, makes it, gives it, and receives it can be "HAPPY!"...

Today, too, in the Ethiopian workshop, we carefully make each one, with a lot of love and gratitude.