The Secret Story Behind Hug Hug Production

The Hug series, known for its designs that maximize the texture of Ethiopian sheepskin and vibrant coloring, hold a special allure. Among them, the Hug Hug bag stands out as an iconic bag from andu amet, boasting overwhelming popularity since the brand's inception. It is prized for its versatile size and the meticulous details that shine through in various situations, especially for women.

One of the most eye-catching features is the circular handle created by weaving leather alternately.

This handle is an essential component that complements the fluffy design of the Hug Hug bag, enhancing its overall appeal.


The handles are meticulously crafted by craftsmen, requiring a significant amount of time and effort. The process of creating these handles begins by wrapping leather around a core material, forming it into a rod-like shape.

Smooth, straight lines without any irregularities.

Junior artisans who have recently joined the workshop undergo extensive practice to master the art of creating these handles, receiving rigorous feedback from senior artisans each time.

Furthermore, weaving the handles to withstand the weight of the bag requires even more advanced craftsmanship. Even skilled artisans spend about an hour crafting a single handle to attach to a bag.

The artisan's mastery is evident in just a small part of the entire bag-making process leading up to its completion.