The Patina of Time


A few days ago, one of our customers came to the gallery with their Big Hug. They mentioned how they've been using it with excitement on every outing since they purchased it three years ago.

The way they take good care of it daily is evident in the glossy shine of the leather and how the bag has softened and adapted to them over time.

The character that only reveals itself with time, in contrast to the brand-new products on display, appeared even more beautiful.


The brand name "andu amet" is derived from the Amharic language, one of the official languages of Ethiopia, and means "one year." This name reflects our desire to accompany and support our customers in their important daily lives, sharing moments as we progress through time together.

The crisp condition of a brand new item may be considered the most beautiful by many people; however, we don't necessarily share that perspective.

We believe that over time, the handle that has softened to fit your shoulder, the gradually changing hues, and even the dirt acquired from use all serve as evidence of the irreplaceable moments spent with the item, reflecting the unique journey of its owner.

We want our items to continue being like partners, growing in depth as they age, and becoming more cherished with each use.

While exploring the gallery, I observed the customer who lovingly touched their bag, and it reminded me of these feelings once again.