Cocoon: The Ultimate Companion for Fashionable Moms!

Since its release, 'Cocoon' has enjoyed enduring popularity among both men and women.

Featuring the lustrous texture of premium Ethiopian sheepskin leather, this minimalist design and an incredibly lightweight form that conforms to the body make it stand out. Crafted from high-quality leather, it maintains an elegant and mature appearance suitable for various occasions, ensuring that it doesn't look childish. 'Cocoon' is the luxury backpack for adults.


I, Hikari, a pro bono staff member, have been using 'Cocoon' together with my husband ever since I gifted it to him as an engagement anniversary present. It has proven to be incredibly handy, especially for outings after becoming pregnant and giving birth. It's just like a trusted companion we take with us wherever we go.

During pregnancy, for example, as the weight of the baby bump increased, maintaining balance while walking became challenging. When taking trains or buses or going up and down the stairs, it was better to keep my hands free as much as possible. 'Cocoon,' being lightweight and easy to sling over your shoulder, was a great ally during pregnancy.

After our child was born, having a diaper bag for carrying a plethora of baby essentials on any outing became essential. It often meant compromising on fashion for convenience, with comfortable jeans, sneakers, and a heavily packed diaper backpack on the back. 'Cocoon' came to the rescue, making it easier to maintain a stylish look while managing all the baby gear.

With 'Cocoon,' there's no need to exude the typical 'diaper bag' vibe. Whether it's carried by a father or a mother, it adds a touch of style.

Even when dressed up for a special occasion, the elegant leather texture prevents it from looking too casual. Moreover, its spacious opening makes it easy to grab items like bulky diapers or changes of clothes in a snap, adding to its appeal.


While some may consider that bags used for outings during a child's early years are temporary and disposable, we believe that the bag you use to build memories and spend time with your child should be of high quality and stylish, as these moments are fleeting but certainly precious.

With countless shared memories and a growing luster with each use, 'Cocoon' has become an indispensable partner for us when we head out. As our child grows, we look forward to using it together as a family, adding more layers of memories over the years. It has become more than just a bag; it's a cherished companion on our journey.