A Luxury Backpack, Loved by People of All Ages and Genders

As we've mentioned in the column a multiple times, the luxury backpack 'Cocoon' offers not only the functionality typical of backpacks but also a simple, sophisticated, and timeless design that's truly captivating. It's a versatile accessory that's easy to incorporate regardless of age or gender, and many couples and mothers and daughters love to share and use it together.

Cocoon" is a highly popular item among andu amet staff. Today, we'd like to show you how we actually use it.


Hikari: staff, 20s

Meet Hikari, a pro bono staff member, who has already made an appearance in the blog post titled 'Cocoon: The Ultimate Companion for Fashionable Moms.'

Originally chosen as an engagement gift for her husband, she chose the Melty Chocolate color, which is versatile for work. After their child was born, she now primarily uses Cocoon for family outings, serving as a stylish alternative to a traditional diaper bag.




They appreciate how Cocoon neatly organizes items like extra clothes, diapers, and baby food, making them easy to access. They also like that it's stylish enough for dads to carry.

Hikari shared that someday, when their child grows up, they want to continue using Cocoon together as a family, filled with memories.


H: staff, 40s

H and her husband share common hobbies and spend their weekends together. They have both the sophisticated 'Mother Earth' and the playful 'In Love' colors of Cocoon, swopping each others based on their mood and fashion for the day.


For those who might feel a bit self-conscious about wearing the same item as their spouse or partner, simply choosing different colors can create a different impression. With Cocoon's high-quality sheepskin texture, it's easy to achieve a refined coordinated look that's unique to adult couples.


I: staff, 60s

Lastly, we introduce you to our staff I, a fan of urban and sophisticated styles. She's currently enjoying the Nile Black Cocoon and Airy, among other andu amet products.


With a long-standing career in the fashion industry and a firmly established personal style, Staff I appreciates the uniqueness of Cocoon – a simple design with attention to detail and no unnecessary embellishments.

Here we've shared how staff members in their 20s, 40s, and 60s use Cocoon in various scenarios. How did you find it?

We would be very happy if you and your partners or family members could also enjoy our products! Thank you for your interest!