A Week of Early Summer Spent with Cocoon

Hi, I'm Emi, Director and Model at andu amet. Here, I'll be showcasing a week's worth of outfits featuring my favorite backpack, Cocoon! Which do you prefer, the chic 'Melty Chocolate' or the stylish 'In Love'?
A fresh new week begins today! Let's boost our spirits with our favorite bag and give my best this week.

Today, I'm heading to Narita to pick up a package that arrived from Ethiopia. Even on a day when both hands are busy with heavy lifting, my companion, a lightweight and durable backpack, ensures I have nothing to worry about!

It's the middle of the week. Today, I'm doing office work at my favorite cafe. Feeling refreshed, I'm hoping to be more productive than usual!

Today is a new product launch event. In a work party, you need intelligence, elegance, and agility all at once. I'm fully prepared with a beautiful sheer pantsuit and a top-notch leather backpack!

After work, off to my friend's birthday party! It's amazing how this backpack, made of Ethiopian sheepskin, seamlessly complements even a more elegant outfit. Actually, I've hidden a big present inside... I wonder if she'll be delighted?


I'm heading to the festival I've been looking forward to! Cocoon, with its spacious storage yet sleek appearance, is absolutely perfect for a short trip.


Model Height: 155cm

Outfit Collaboration: KÄÄPIÖ