New Color Launch for Ebreeze: Harvest!


As the scent of fall begins to fill the air, we are thrilled to announce that starting next Friday, September 1st, we will be launching the new color "Harvest" for our popular leather jacket, Ebreeze!

The beginning of "Ebreeze" goes back to five years ago, during our crowdfunding campaign to gather funds for our concept store in Omotesando, Tokyo. "Ebreeze" was in fact introduced as a return gift for the campaign.

As andu amet's first leather jacket, it garnered overwhelming support, exceeding our expectations. Thanks to the generous backing, we successfully opened our concept store, which will celebrate its 5th anniversary in September 2023. To commemorate this milestone, we are releasing the new color "Harvest," symbolizing "harvest and fruition."

Inspired by the endless fields of wheat and grains on the African plains, this yellow-beige hue brightens and enlivens any outfit while exuding a calm, luxurious quality—truly an item of "quiet luxury."


We also offer a "Try-On Service," so you can experience the perfect fit and feel of Ebreeze before making your purchase.

Sales Start on Friday, September 1st, at 13:00!

Although the product page already features photos and details of the new Ebreeze Harvest, sales will officially commence at 13:00 on September 1st. If you're interested, be sure to check it out!

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