【Discover Ebreeze】Now in Four Stunning Hues!


As autumn deepens with each passing rain, the variety in our outfits expands. Wearing a favorite outer garment can lift your spirits and brighten your day.

This season, andu amet recommends the Ebreeze leather jacket, a piece so comfortable that it feels better than being bare. Crafted from premium sheepskin tanned using our unique techniques, the leather is remarkably smooth and lightweight yet incredibly durable. By avoiding unnecessary linings and reinforcements, we’ve managed to create a jacket that weighs just 400g—less than half the weight of typical leather jackets.

Experience the beauty of the delicate drapes that flow with your movement, capturing the essence of a gentle breeze.

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In summer, the Ebreeze serves as the perfect outer layer, while in winter, it fits snugly under a coat, offering the cozy feel of a cardigan. Our popular "Try-On Service" allows you to experience the fit and comfort of the jacket at home before making a purchase.


Nile Black

Desert Flower