Individuality is there to Embrace, Not to Suppress — The Secret Story Behind Shubu-Shubu —


Just as people have their own individuality, animals also have theirs.

There may be playful and quarrelsome ones, as well as timid and docile ones. Some are greedy, while others have a small appetite. There are young ones, old ones, ones that have thick fur, and ones that don't...

These individualities manifest directly in leather as well. Scratches, wrinkles, color variations, scars, and creases are among them.

In mass production-oriented manufacturing, however, individuality is often considered a defect or imperfection and is not welcomed. This often leads to heavy processing to conceal these characteristics, which can, in turn, sacrifice the quality of the leather itself. Think of it as akin to wearing heavy makeup to hide blemishes; it's like caking on foundation. Moreover, in cases where these characteristics cannot be concealed entirely, the leather may be discarded.

But are wrinkles and blemishes really that undesirable? Is perfectly pristine leather without a single flaw the only definition of beauty? We don't think so.

Since its founding, andu amet has been dedicated to processes such as chrome tanning and dye finishing (aniline finishing) that emphasize the soft, stretchy texture, and strength of Ethiopian sheepskin to the fullest extent. Particularly, dye finishing, with its natural finish, brings out the individual characteristics like scratches and stains on the leather's surface while allowing you to appreciate the remarkable texture of Ethiopian sheepskin directly. Our belief is that individualities should be embraced, not suppressed, and this approach has been our constant choice.

Even so, in the past, we used to eliminate those large and noticeable wrinkles. Of course, we never discarded them but instead found alternative uses, such as incorporating them into decorative elements rather than the body of bags or pouches. Nonetheless, I began to think that we could create products that allow you to enjoy the appeal of wrinkles themselves in a more proactive manner, rather than just conservatively utilizing them.

The inspiration came from a very personal experience. It was last autumn, when I returned to Japan and had the opportunity to spend time with my parents and grandmother.

I realized something while having casual conversations. I noticed that there were countless wrinkles on their faces and hands.

Since when did all these wrinkles appear?

Is it because they've laughed and gotten angry so many times, because they've worked so hard with these hands, that these wrinkles are here? Each and every wrinkle represents the accumulation and overcoming of joys, fun moments, and sadness, one after another. They are proof of a life well-lived... As I looked at them, I began to feel genuinely in love and found  beauty in them.

That is why I decided to create a new collection called Shubu-Shubu, focusing deliberately on various wrinkle patterns.


Shubu-Shubu, in the language of Ethiopia where our bags are made, means "wrinkles". I liked the cute and imaginative sound of the word, which reflects the shapes and origins of these wrinkles.

When you look closely at these bags and pouches, you'll notice that wrinkles come in various forms.

Some have prominent, vein-like wrinkles, some have a subtle, overall wrinkled texture, while some have patterns that resemble artwork...

We hope that as you look at them, you feel that your imagination expands, and you start to feel a sense of fun. Or,  when you realize that these wrinkle lines are unique to each piece, you find them endearing.

We would be delighted if you feel this way.

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