Artisans Showcase! "Make My Day"

Thank you for waiting: the "Make My Day" from the Shubu Shubu Collection, which sold out in an instant upon its release on August 28th, is now back in stock. Actually, this bag requires the most effort and time among all of andu amet's bag and jacket lineups.

Cutting the soft and stretchy sheepskin, sewing each piece together, and shaping them into a bag are not easy tasks. 

During production, one craftsman said, "Since I worked on such a challenging bag, I want my name on this product!"
Other craftsmen involved in "Make My Day," including assistants, chimed in, saying, "I worked on it too, so my name should be on it!" and "No, mine!"


"We can't put multiple names on it, but how about we all model the bags together?"

With that in mind, this time, we decided to have the craftsmen appear with the bags they worked on.

We designed this sustainable 2-way tote to be light, spacious, and capable of holding anything, with the aim of making the holder's day the best it can be. But surprisingly, the people making it may have enjoyed it the most...!?

Please enjoy their slightly different expressions from their usual work demeanor, along with the cityscape of Ethiopia!

A new color, "Green Field," has been added to the highly popular "Make My Day" lineup!