Let's choose the perfect color for you with a "personal color analysis"!

Do you know about "personal color" analysis?

It's a method of determining colors that harmonize perfectly with your natural hair, eye, and skin tones and overall aura. This assessment can be useful not only for personal fashion choices but also for various occasions such as presentations, business meetings, and situations where first impressions matter.

Let’s try!


Personal Color Analysis in 10 seconds

Q1:Which color is closer to your natural hair color?



Q2:Your skin color:

Ochre-based with a matte texture. Prone to tanning

Pink-toned fair skin or earthy dark skin. Lacks shine and tends to appear less flushed

Q3:What color do the veins on the inside of your arm appear to be?



Q4:Which color is closer to the white of your eyes?

A cool color like aqua, with a clear distinction between it and the iris.

A soft color like ivory.

Q5:What's the first impression you often hear from others?

cool, glamorous, and strong

intellectual, calm, and soft


The result is...?

For those who chose A more...
Cool tones or vivid, clear primary colors, and monochrome may suit you well. You're a "Cool undertone Summer" or "Cool undertone Winter," abbreviated as "Cool undertone." Cool-toned individuals typically exude an elegant and cool impression. Opt for high-transparency cool colors to enhance your natural aura. You could also try incorporating vibrant colors effortlessly. Challenge yourself with primary colors like pink or yellow, often considered difficult.

For those who chose B more...
Warm tones or warm, deep colors complement you well. You're a "Warm undertone Spring" or "Warm undertone Autumn," abbreviated as "Warm undertone." Warm-toned individuals project a bright and intellectual impression. Classic or chic colors such as brown, vermilion, khaki, and beige suit you best. You could also consider monochromatic combinations like "Desert Flower × Rich Earthy Tones" for a stylish look.


andu amet staff took the challenge too! Niki is a Cool undertone Summer, while Kao is a Warm undertone Spring.

Niki, being a Cool undertone type, chose Nile Black from the Ebreeze collection!

Kao, who is a Warm undertone type, chose Desert Flower!

This time, we introduced personal color types and thought about coordinating outfits based on them.

For those who want to try various things at home, we also offer a trial fitting service. Please find the color that suits you perfectly. The power of colors is infinite!