Our Staff's Favorite Guidebook: Across Cosmetic Case

 Vol.1 | Web Staff Sato

Always by my side, whether it's ON or OFF

Across Cosmetic Case

Today, I, Sato, a staff member responsible for web production, will introduce an item that I always use!

The Across Cosmetic Case is one of my go-to items, despite not being someone who carries cosmetics, thanks to its perfect size.

Often, I go out for shoots for work, so I use it to organize my camera accessories. When I have meetings and need to carry my laptop, I use it for small accessories like hard drives and batteries.

When I'm off-duty, it becomes a handy organizer for items like earphones, sunglasses, and coin purses, things I frequently take in and out. During leisurely drives, I simply leave it on the passenger seat.

Since the bags I usually use are tote bags with few inner pockets, I prefer to keep small items in a pouch so that they don't get scattered in the bag.

The Across Cosmetic Case is just the right size to hold everyday essentials efficiently, and what's crucial for me is its perfect gusset width.

I used to use a pouch without a gusset, but when I put bulky items inside, it would warp unevenly, preventing me from maximizing its capacity or smoothly sliding the zipper.

A little gusset has relieved a lot of stress for me.

This pouch is beside me seven days a week. Now that I've reaffirmed its usefulness, I think I'll give it a good clean for the first time in a while today.